It is amazing that businesses such as Dave Parker's still exist, where one can consistently count on excellence in craftsmanship, honesty, integrity, and more than fair pricing.  Dave and his delightful wife Shea have serviced our Mercedes and our Porsche since we moved to Napa one year ago.  I hope this review will encourage you to use Dave Parker's Autowerkes for your car servicing as well.
—Nathalie M.
Dave has always been honest and fair. He won't win the Mr. Congeniality contest, but that's just the way he is. Don't take it personally and it's a great place to have your car repaired or maintained.
— Vikki B.
It would be only another half mile before I got to work.  It now seemed so far away.  I just sat there at the intersection, staring down the traffic light.  It seemed to be eternally stuck on red.  The temperature needle was climbing and my hood was smoking.  People were staring and I was swearing.  I looked in the rear-view mirror at all the uninvolved faces that were to explode in anger if my car stalled in the middle of an otherwise obstruction-free intersection.  I could hear a hissing hose underneath the hood... ready to blow.. ready to go.  The light switched to green.  I impulsively floored the gas pedal hoping to make it across the intersection to a nearby parking lot.  I didn't make the parking lot.  Something in the engine gave way and spun out of control, hitting metal with a sinister bang.  Everything stopped short and halted altogether, except for my racing heart.  Now motorless but still rolling, my car glided slowly to the shoulder of the road.  Blurry faces whizzed by staring maliciously.

I got out of the car and lifted the hood cautiously.  The engine sighed heavily and released a mushroom cloud of steam into the sky.  My car was dead.  My brain was numb.  I finally got up enough sense to call AAA.  They dragged my poor car over to Dave's.  My car had been run into the ground, but Dave brought it back to life.  He showed me the chipped teeth of gears, the worn down chains, and the tubes, hoses, and serpentine belts that finally gave way.  Thanks to Eur-Asian, my car was once again puttering up and down Soscol Avenue... half of my belongings in the trunk, half of a blueberry muffin on the floor, and half of a working set of speakers blaring my chanting monks cd.  I'm on the road again.

"My back is giving me trouble.  My neck is giving me trouble.  My legs are giving me trouble.  That's why I like cars.  They never give me any trouble."
-  Dave Parker - Eur-Asian Autowerkes
—Kenny R.
My family and I have been sending our cars to Dave for over 15 yrs!! We recommend him often and once again Dr. Dave and his staff have helped a mother in need out!! My POS that I need so desperately to get me to work, my kids to school and us all around town, was having issues.  He was willing to help with my car issues at a more than fair price and with quickness as well.  Someday when I am making grips of money with an awesome nursing job, I will repay my gratitude! Until then all I can say is, his shop is a great place, his humor is something you need to get to know, and his wife is the sweetest!  As he said, "sometimes a blind squirrel can find a good nut" he was referring of course, to my POS car, it is now awesome and bearable to drive!  Thank you, thank you!!
—Andrea R.
I have had 2 very good experiences at Dave's Eur-Asian Autowerkes.  Dave personally checked out my electrical problem in my BMW and honestly told me that it would cost thousands of dollars to figure out what was wrong.  He did not charge me for that visit.
I brought the car back for front brakes and they came in $70 less than the other place in Napa that fixes foreign cars and then details them so that you don't feel like you were screwed for paying a ridiculous amount of money on the repair.
They looked at my car at 10am and called me by 11am to tell me the cost and completed by 4:30p that day.  I would recommend them and know that the charge fair prices and do a fast job!
— Teresa H.
They got my bumper fixed very quickly. Although the problem was not a big deal to them, the service, attention and attitude they provide is superb. Definitely a trustworthy place for future car repairing.
— Wenshan C.
So I've scrambling around to get the AC fixed on the BMW, and went to a couple of places with no luck.... A friend recommended Dave Parker's Eur-Asian Autowerkes in Napa, so I broke down and made the appointment...expecting the WORST EXPENSE EVER.... Was in and out of there in less than 90 minutes with ICE COLD AC.... total cost..... under $162 out the door... Talk about quality service \m/\m/
—Jon R.
I was very impressed with the service I received. The bill was less than the estimate, and he did some minor extra work at no charge- and replaced a bulb for free... On a Mercedes.
I'll definitely be bringing my car back here.
— Michelle L.
Dave and his wife, Shea, made my Christmas possible this year. I was mid road-trip to visit my parents for the holidays when my VW Jetta broke down. I began calling other garages in Napa and was told that they wouldn't be able to look at my car for two days. Dave promised to look at my car first thing in the morning and on Shea's insistence, they locked my car in the shop overnight so that I wouldn't have to worry about leaving all my presents unsecured. He had my car diagnosed by noon and fixed before close of the day and I was on my way. Dave and Shea were so helpful through the whole process. I would be happy to have them as my go-to for all car care if I only lived closer.
— Chris B.
Had a great experience with Dave at Eur-Asian Autowerkes.  I had been given a quote to get my brake pads changed by the local dealership's service department, it was just shy of $1,000 for parts & labor.  My mom had used Dave many times and recommended I get a quote from him before I did anything.  Took my Lexus RX400h in to him at 8:30am, he called in less than an hour with a quote for all 4 brake pads and my oil change (which I had also asked for) and the total came to $716!  I'm glad I listened to my mother and will be frequenting Eur-Asian Autowerkes for all my future car services!  Oh and bonus I had asked him if there was any way to have it done by 3:30pm as I was heading out of town and he called at 2pm everything was done & ready to go!  Thanks Dave!
— Shannon S.
In the middle of July while out of town our Audi was having problems with the air conditioning. I left a message on Saturday tho they were closed.  I received a call early Monday and made an appt for Tues., the day we had to leave town.  After checking with our mechanic in Utah for things it could be, I went to see Dave bright and early.  I was sure this was going to be an expensive fix or a warm ride to Utah I couldn't have been more in error.  Dave was great. He charged the system and checked several other things. The charge was very fair and we were on our way.  It was one of the best experiences I've ever had at a shop.  Love small and experienced honest company owners.
— Dave L.
We received a recommendation for my son's SAAB service from here and have been very pleased with the service and pricing. Dave and the team at Eurasan has been servicing all of our cars for a few years now, and they do a fantastic job!
— Mike M.
Fast, reliable first class work at a fair price! I have been using them for a long time and am very happy with there service!
—Peter M.
Eur-Asian was recommended by my co-worker who has a 90's BMW (I have a 5 year old Toyota) for the honest and clever mechanics ... also it's only 2 blocks our office. Scheduling an appointment was easy, though they couldn't take the car the same day I called (which isn't reasonable to expect for a good shop).

I dropped the car off just before 8:00am (they open early and stay open late enough for me which is very helpful). I described the problem and, unlike at the dealership, they wrote down my concerns in detail and had good followup questions. The diagnostic estimate was $110 but the staff crossed that out and said they'd do the diagnosis and call me with a price for any repairs that may be needed. I suspected a bad wheel bearing, stuck brake caliper, or cupped tires making an odd road noise at highway speeds or when braking.

They called a few hours later to explain they took it on a road test and put it up in the rack for analysis. Dave said it was from cupped tires and we only noticed it after the rotation because on the front of the car the noise was more apparent. He suggested seeing if the company that sold the tires (Costco, though I prefer America's Tires in Napa these days) would replace them under a road hazard warranty. He also noticed the rear brakes needed replacement and I authorized that (I knew they were low, so at least that's confirmation he wasn't taking advantage but giving good recommendations). The price for new pads and turning the rotors was $332 which is reasonable (but not cheap). It was a deal considering the time he spent diagnosing the noise problem which he didn't charge me for.

I'll certainly be back and would recommend them for anyone looking for an independent shop with excellent mechanics which is cheaper than the dealership (same job at dealership: $125 higher price, plus they charge for diagnosis time, minimum 1 hour).
— Abe G.